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Arsutoria School has been training highly successful professionals in the footwear and leather goods industry for over 75 years. Our programs are widely recognized by the industry as offering the most up-to-date and hands-on education in the footwear and leather goods sectors.

  • Uniqueness: In addition to theoretical studies, practical experience is the key to understand the intricacies of pattern making, design, or any other profession in the footwear/leather goods industry. We distinguish ourselves by being the only school with an internal sample room equipped with factory machinery, providing our students with a practical and unique learning experience.

  • Industry relations: We have cultivated strong relationships with both Italian and international brands, allowing us to organize customized training programs and learning paths for company staff.

  • Diversity: Our student population represents over 50 nationalities, coming from all corners of the world, as our programs are conducted in both English and Italian.

  • #Byourside: Our shoe and bag classes maintain a maximum of 20 participants, emphasizing the importance of personal relationships and individual focus in teaching. This approach is particularly crucial in a hands-on school like Arsutoria.

Training Offer:

  • One-Year diploma 

  • 15-week pattern making and prototyping 

  • 10-week design

  • 5-week 3D Design 

  • 4-week Sneaker Summer Program 

  • Online/On-demand courses



Via Ippolito Nievo, 33, 20145 Milano MI, Italia

Phone: +39 02 3191 2327

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