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With a family background in footwear manufacturing reaching back to the early 1900s, and continued through various generations, the focus of our work eventually turned to sourcing finished footwear and leather goods from a variety of fine quality manufacturers, each specialized in particular constructions to offer the highest levels of expertise in order to satisfy the most exigent of clients.
The current structure of Polo Shoes as a sourcing company reaches back to 1985.
Essentially a family company, Polo Shoes has a team of dedicated staff with a vast experience of developing products, controlling day-to-day production, and seeing to the efficient and timely despatch of our clients’ collections and orders, either directly to retailers or to distribution hubs.

Experience and integrity are our bywords


We source high quality men, ladies and children’s footwear, ranging from formal dress to chic casuals and sports sneakers in the finest leathers and materials available – varied casual wear, from the most sporty to the more fashion conscious.

Whether you are looking for high end dress, chic casual, rugged wear or vintage retro, for men or women, we at Polo can find the right source for your needs.

If you are interested in looking at Portugal for some of your sourcing requirements, we would be very happy to discuss these with you. Or, better still, why not plan a visit in the future. We would be delighted to welcome you to see our sources and discuss how best we could meet your needs.


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Av. Adelino Amaro da Costa 396, 3700-023 São João da Madeira, Portugal

+351 256 201 060

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